Food Safety Forms & Guidance

Electronic versions of the updated (April 2022) Food Safety Forms are available to open and download here. If there is any forms not listed here that you require please check the Sector HSE page or contact your HSE Manager.

Log Books

Log Books are available to order from Linney 

2022 7 Day Log Book Code - CO22_LOG_BKS_030342

2022 5 Day Log Book Code - CO22_LOG_BKS_030341

Opening / Closing Checklists


Opening HSE Checklist - Daily Version

Weekly Opening HSE Checklist - Weekly Version

Closing HSE Checklist - Daily Version UPDATED JUNE 24

Weekly Closing HSE Checklist - Weekly Version UPDATED JUNE 24

(Only use one of the above per location)

Daily Walk-In Freezer Checklist 

Food Hygiene Rating Notification Process 

The hygiene standards of our kitchens are critical in our role as one of the leading UK & Ireland food catering providers and are issued by the unit's local authority Environmental Health Department, who upon inspection will issue a Food Hygiene Rating.  

It is therefore important that the below process is undertaken following any food hygiene inspection in order to capture outcomes of any visit and implement any actions or recommendations. 

Food Hygiene Rating Notification Process