The Business Management System (BMS) document is the core of our Compass integrated management system and provides detailed information required to meet the standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001.  Used as a useful tool & reference guide to assist the business in understanding the detail and requirements for the standards.

The BMS document takes account of all relevant legislative requirements. 

The BMS document when printed is no longer individually numbered and controlled.  Individual sites may print out a "hard copy" for quick and easy access on a day-to-day basis if required. 

The BMS document and any amendments are approved by the HSE Director Compass UK & Ireland.

Suggestions for improvement or changes are welcomed from the end users and should be submitted in writing to the ISO Compliance Manager

Management Review

Management Commitment and Review

The Compass Group UK & Ireland Executive Team are committed to our HSE management systems. Legally, meeting customer needs is one of the main reasons that these management systems exist. Procedures are the key mechanism used to communicate this throughout the organisation. The policy provides the foundation and the objectives provide the driving force for continual improvement. The review allows management to evaluate how the management systems meet the requirements of the standards, and consider improvements to the systems. Management are committed to ensuring sufficient resources are available to make these systems effective.

Management Review

Management Review Meetings are undertaken at least annually to review results and to ensure the ongoing suitability and adequacy of the management systems.   Any changes to standards or legal and other requirements are evaluated and reviewed at the Management Review Meeting and any action that is required is determined and recorded in the minutes.

Particular attention is paid to previous reviews, major business changes, non-conformances, audits, the progress of the objectives, customer satisfaction including external communication, and other changing circumstances that affect the management systems.

A summary of the review is presented to the Compass Group UK & Ireland Managing Director for sign off. Issues raised as a result of the review are actioned in accordance with Quality Improvement procedures. All Quality Improvements are reviewed to ensure their effectiveness. Issues raised at the Management Review are communicated to the business. 

Management Review Meeting Minutes 2022/2023