Introduction - Welcome what its about 

Welcome to this 1st version of the Workplace Safety Management System (WSMS) which, for the first time, brings together all of the risk assessments, training materials and training records necessary for you to deliver an excellent service in a safe and compliant way.

We want everyone, our clients, customers and colleagues, to be safe and secure, when working or dining in the areas where Compass UK and Ireland operate a service. The process and guidance for doing so has been available for some time, but now, for the first time, it is contained within a single system which is easy to follow, up to date and simple to work from.

For additional Health and Safety Documentation i.e. operational forms please refer to the Safety A-Z


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Essential Risk Assessments

All Essential Risk Assessments must be completed, where applicable, in every Compass operating unit, be that a catering unit, healthcare setting or facilities management site. These include assessments that are specifically required by legislation or which have been created due to the nature of hazards and risks identified within our business operations.

Essential Forms

Site Safety Information

Site Safety Information

The purpose of the Site Safety Information Pack is to ensure that the hazards and risks identified, and control measures in place, specific to your unit or business operation as detailed in your Essential Risk Assessments are:

  • Brought to the attention of all individuals who may be affected by those hazards and risks.
  • Gives specific information in relation to the control measures and safety arrangements in place which they must follow to ensure their own and others’ safety.


Site Safety Information Pack PDF

Site Safety Information Pack PowerPoint








Service Specific Risk Assessments & Task Cards

In addition to the Essential Risk Assessments, you must ensure that you have a Service Specific Risk Assessment in place for each specific function within your unit or business operation. Service Specific Risk Assessments are available in each of the following sub-categories and are accompanied by a suite of accompanying Safety Task Cards.

Catering Services Risk Assessment and Safety Task Cards

Core Safety Task Cards

(as listed in step 3 of the Catering Services Risk Assessment)

Additional Safety Task Cards 

(as listed in Step 4 of the Catering Services Risk Assessment)

Cleaning Services Risk Assessment and Safety Task Cards

Safety Task Cards 

Additional Safety Task Cards 

Business and Office Services Risk Assessment and Safety Task Cards 

Safety Task Cards 

Portering Services Risk Assessment and Safety Task Cards 

Safety Task Cards 

General Services Safety Task Cards 

Additional Health & Safety Document List

Additional Documents

Operational Risk Assessments