What is Primary Authority?


  • Compass have entered into a Primary Authority partnership agreement with Luton Metropolitan Council's Environmental Health Department in relation to providing regulatory advice and guidance around our food safety policies and procedures.
  • Primary Authority is a means for businesses to receive assured and tailored advice on meeting environmental health food safety regulations through a single point of contact. 
  • The Primary Authority will evaluate company policy and provide guidance that all other regulating authorities must follow in evaluating compliance within the regulations, helping to deliver consistent local enforcement standards for multi sited food businesses like Compass.


What Does it Cover:


  • The Compass Primary Authority agreement is only in place around food safety & allergen compliance, and covers all trading names registered under Compass UK & Ireland Ltd. 


Who Does it Cover:


  • The legal scope of the Primary Authority partnership only covers Compass business units operating within England.
  • Regulating authorities operating within Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not legally obliged to adhere to any advice issues but generally do take note should enforcement action be considered


Assured Advice


The following company food safety procedures have been assured by our Primary Authority: