Welcome to the Updated Food Safety Management System (FSMS) page.

The Entire System Has Been Reviewed & Updated. 

Following legislative changes and a full review of our food safety procedures with our Primary Authority (Luton BC), we have updated several ‘rules’ around food safety and introduced a number of new guidance documents for topics not previously covered by Version 1 of the Compass FSMS, including Natasha’s Law, Food Transportation and Souse Vide.

Additional posters have been added to the pack to help explain the rules around shelf life of both bought in food and in-unit made product The food safety conversations have been converted into a more user-friendly task card system whereby they can be presented to the colleague(s) via an easel stand folder and delivered via a group training session within unit.

It is important that you make yourself aware of the changes by reading the Welcome and Introduction Document as well as the Table Of Changes on page 2 of that document.

There are several key actions that are required to update and implement the system, these are outlined in the Welcome & Introduction Document which is available to download. 

  1. Order the new FSMS Pack from Linney - Code CO22_COM_KIT_031998
  2. Archive your old FSMS folder and HACCP document. This may be needed at a later point or by an inspecting enforcement officer
  3. Re-complete the Food Flow Diagram to indicate which steps you currently undertake within your unit
  4. Collate the associated HACCP sheets depending upon which stages in the Food Flow Diagram you have ticked
  5. Read and sign & date the relevant HACCP sheets and complete the front page to indicate the date you have implemented this within your unit
  6. Read the Table of Changes listed on page 2 of this document or open the update summary to familiarise yourself with the significant changes in food safety policy that may affect your operation
  7. Use the new Food Safety Task Cards to brief out to the team any subject whereby there has been a significant change in food safety policy that they need to be aware of
  8. Record this training on the new Training Matrix document contained in the FSMS folder
  9. Remove your old HACCP Posters from within the kitchen and replace with the new ones supplied in your pack
  10. Display the new Shelf Life Posters in a suitable area of the kitchen for colleague to read and follow

Compass Group Hazard Analysis Records

The Compass Group Food Safety Hazard Analysis is based upon the Codex Aliment Arius 7 Principles of HACCP, 3rd edition 2003, which is a recognised food safety management system. 

The purpose of this document is to identify what specific food safety hazards are present at each process step of your catering operation and determine what controls are required to be in place to prevent or minimise food safety hazards from occurring.

It is the responsibility of the Unit Manager or Head Chef to complete the Hazard Analysis for each catering premises.

Compass Group Food Safety Food Flow Chart

Compass Group Food Safety Hazard Analysis Document



Hazard Analysis Record 15 - Sous Vide

Good Hygiene Practice Guides

There are 21 Good Hygiene Practice Guides produced which include all the additional guidance you and your colleagues need to follow when operating in your unit. Remember to ensure that all the Good Hygiene Practice Guides are readily available within the unit for reference.

The GHPG’s cover the following topics:

Food Safety Conversations

It is important that everyone is familiar with the additional good hygiene practices outlined within the GHPG’s in order to effectively manage food safety in your unit.

Food Safety Conversations are the key training resource for each of the GHPG’s and shouldn't take any longer than 5 minutes to deliver. All the Food Safety Conversations are available to download below:  

Hazard Analysis Posters

There are 11 Colleague Posters designed to combine the important information from the Hazard Analysis Records and the relevant Good Hygiene Practice Guides into one easy to understand poster. You will need to remove any posters that are not applicable to your unit and then display each poster in the kitchen or unit where it is relevant.

You can download relevant Hazard Analysis Posters below:

For More Information

Please contact your relevant sector Senior HSE Manager for further assistance or guidance with the implementation for the updated food safety management system.