Chemical Safety COSHH

COSHH Regulations require employers to prevent their employees being exposed to hazardous substances, where reasonably practicable to do so. Where exposure cannot be prevented the risks must be assessed and measures put in place to prevent harm. In this section you will find the information and links related to COSHH.

Control measures will include:

- Informing colleagues of the hazards and associated risks to which they are exposed;
- Training colleagues in the proper storage, handling and use of hazardous substances and emergency procedures to be followed;
- Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and training employees how to wear it correctly and how to take care of it


Use the links below to read more about Compass COSHH policies and procedures and to download the following:

Compass Group COSHH Policies and Procedures

COSHH Product Inventory Form - Please refer to the worked example for guidance.

COSHH Poster

COSHH Product Assessment Template

Task Card Template

Compass Ecolab PPE, Symbols Deck

Compass Ecolab Product Finder