All incidents must be recorded on AIR3

Lost Time Incident Protocol

A Lost Time Incident is an incident that results in lost working time for the person(s) injured in the accident. 

This protocol document sets out the criteria that determines whether an incident is work-related and whether it has resulted in lost time. 

Lost Time Incident Protocol Document

Food Hygiene Rating Notification Process 

The hygiene standards of our kitchens are critical in our role as one of the leading UK & Ireland food catering providers and are issued by the unit's local authority Environmental Health Department, who upon inspection will issue a Food Hygiene Rating.  

It is therefore important that the below process is undertaken following any food hygiene inspection in order to capture outcomes of any visit and implement any actions or recommendations. 

Food Hygiene Rating Notification Process 

How to complete a Unit Incident Review and upload your Incident Investigation Packs to AIR3

Incident Investigation Packs Can Be Uploaded Onto AIR3