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Welcome to the Ecolab COSHH information page. Below you will find all the links to COSHH Product Assessments and Task Cards for Ecolab products used within Compass

Please use the product finder to find the right product for the task you require.

COSHH Products Assessments

The format of the COSHH Product Assessments (CPAs) for each product have been prepared using the information on the most recent Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), the layout of which is prescribed by legislation. Unless you are contractually required to do so, you DO NOT need to download and keep a paper copy of any Material Safety Data Sheets.

- Download all CPAs that are relevant to your unit/site, read and understand them.

- There is one CPA for each chemical, except for few products, where due to the same hazard, PPE and first aid specifications, CPAs for those chemicals have been combined.

- On the left hand side of each CPA, the "Activity Time per Shift" and "Frequency of Use or Task" have nominally been completed for you based on Ecolab's experience. If how they are used in your unit/site differs from this, please amend the CPA and initial and date the amendment.

- Safely file the CPAs where they are accessible to everyone and inform all colleagues where they are kept.

Task Cards

- Download all Task Cards that are relevant to your unit/site, read and understand them.

- Where several products are used in the same way (e.g. Apex Manual, Apex Ultra, Apex Metal, Apex Rinse, Apex Pre-Soak and Apex Pot and Pan) a single task card will apply to the procedure for all of them.

- The Task Cards all indicate the new hazard pictograms that may be on the product labels as well as the correct PPE that should be worn when completing each task, which are based on the new COSHH classifications.

- The Task Cards should be used as the main materials for training colleagues in each task.
Safely file the Task Cards where they are accessible to everyone and inform all colleagues where they are kept.

Download the updated Compass Ecolab Wallchart of Core Catering Products

Safety Data Sheets

Copies of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) only need to be available for non-Ecolab hazardous substances being handled, stored and used in each site/unit. However, some Clients may require Ecolab Safety Data Sheets to be held too.
SDSs are supplied to each unit by the supplier or the manufacturer. Manufacturer's websites can also be used to download SDSs.

Click below to access the:

Ecolab Safety Data Sheet Website

Once in the website, use the search facility to locate the Safety Data Sheet you require. Each Safety Data Sheet should be attached to the back of the applicable COSHH Product Assessment.

Core Product Guide - Catering

Ecolab has provided a Core Product Guide - Catering which can be displayed in kitchens for guidance on what chemical is to be used for what task.

Ecolab Contact Details

If you require any pictorial cleaning guides specific for your business, please ask your Ecolab representative:

The Compass Ecolab Telephone Helpline is: 029 2085 5540
The Compass Ecolab Telephone Helpline for Ireland is: +353 (01) 276 3500
The Compass Ecolab Email Helpline is: 

Requesting Ecolab's Territory Managers Visit

If you require a visit from one of the Ecolab's Territory Managers please contact Customer Care Team:

Tel: 029 2085 5540 

You will need to provide: site address, contact details and nature of issue

New Compass Sites
For all new site openings, please contact the Ecolab Service Planning Team:

Tel: 01606 721822

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