Diversey COSHH Information

This section contains links to the COSHH Product Assessments for most commonly used Diversey products.

Where non-Ecolab products are in use, e.g. produced by other manufacturers and supplied by the Client company, COSHH Product Assessments must be completed in full by the Site Manager using the blank COSHH Product Assessment Template form provided and with the assistance of the Business Sector HSE Manager.

To be able to satisfactorily complete the COSHH Product Assessment, the Safety Data Sheet will be required, which must be attached to the completed COSHH Product Assessment. This can be obtained from the supplier or the manufacturer. In many cases these can be downloaded from their website

The Safety Data Sheet you download and use to complete your COSHH Product Assessment MUST be compliant with new EU Classification, Labelling & Packaging Regulations. If the Safety Data Sheet is dated after 1st June 2015 it should be compliant. If it is dated before this date, please contact your Business Sector HSE Manager before you proceed any further.

If you require COSHH Product Assessment for any other Diversey chemical not listed below, please use the latest version of product's Safety Data Sheet and CPA template to complete the assessment and contact your sector HSE Manager to assist. 

Please Note: COSHH Product Assessments must be completed and agreed by your Sector HSE Manager before the product is used. 

The most up to date versions of Diversey Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Diversey Safety Data Sheet Website

To read guidance on completing your own COSHH Product Assessments and Task Cards please click here.


COSHH Product Assessments

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