Allergen Awareness

Welcome to the Allergen Awareness Campaign's (AAC) page dedicated to Ireland's teams only. The focus of this ongoing campaign is to spread awareness on food allergens and how to manage them correctly to reduce the risks of food allergy incidents. Below you will find all the information and campaign materials to help you, your team and your customers to be allergen aware.

Manager's Guide to Allergen Awareness Campaign
So what's included in the campaign?


How to launch the Allergen Awareness Campaign?

There are 5 simple steps to implementing the Allergen Awareness Campaign in your unit. To explain these step we have produced a Manager's Guide and a short video available on a right ->

All AAC materials can be downloaded from this page and also ordered from the Marketing Portal. 


There are 3 safety discussions for back of house, front of house and hospitality staff. They should not take more than 5-10 minutes each to deliver. Ensure to record these discussions on the Training Record Cards and also on the L&D Online Form.

Allergen Awareness Video features Compass colleagues talking about their experiences with allergens and also messages from Nicky Martin, Head of Nutrition for UK & Ireland and Mark Armstrong, Technical Services Director. The video will remind your teams why following correct allergen procedures is so important.

Below you will find the Allergen Awareness Video and the links to download the following AAC materials:

Food Safety Discussion For Back of House Staff Ireland
Food Safety Discussion For Front of House Staff Ireland
Food Safety Discussion For Hospitality Staff Ireland
AAC Training Record Card
Go to L&D Online Form

Display the new ‘Know Your Allergens’ poster for guidance and reference for your front and back of house staff. Ensure to make your team aware of this poster and the information that it contains.
Display one or more of the four ‘Slightest Trace’ awareness posters. These could be placed at the back of house areas to spread an awareness amongst your teams, i.e. at staff rooms, staff canteens, communication board etc. Or you can display one poster and replace with the new one on weekly basis.

Below you will find the links to download the following AAC materials:

Know Your Allergens Poster
Slightest Trace - Peanut Poster
Slightest Trace - Milk Poster
Slightest Trace - Prawn Poster
Slightest Trace - Eggs Poster

In addition to the above posters, the Food Safety team has also produced some extra Slightest Trace posters which some sites may find useful. Please use the links below to download the following:

Slightest Trace - Sesame Oil Poster
Slightest Trace - Sulphur Dioxide Poster
Slightest Trace - Fish Poster
Slightest Trace - Mustard Poster

Ensure the information provided within the folder is updated and correct. Check the Source for any product/recipes changes. Allergen information must be kept whilst applicable and retained for 4 weeks before disposing of it (this could be saved as a paper version or as PDF on your system).

Download Manual Allergen Log

See the new Allergen Information Folder below:

Display a Customer Facing Poster in a visible place, i.e. by the counter, display fridges, condiment bar etc. Remember to complete the white box with the location of where your Allergen Information Folder can be found

Where applicable, a Table Talker can be used to display on customer tables. You could also use the table talker to display at the till point, condiment bar or any other areas designated for customers. Remember to complete the white box with the location of where your Allergen Information Folder can be found.
If you require more table talkers these could be ordered from the Marketing Portal.

Use the links below to download the following:

Customer Facing Location Posters -Blank, At Entrance & Beside The Cutlery Area
Customer Facing Location Posters with Allergen Icons
Table Talker - Blank

See examples of Customer Facing Posters and Table Talkers below:

Please ensure that all the relevant Allergen Awareness Campaign materials are implemented within two weeks of receiving them.
For more information please contact your sector HSE Manager.