February See Care Share Monthly Update

In this month’s edition, we are focussing on Slip, Trip and Fall prevention, this being the leading incident type in our business. The majority of these incidents could have been prevented if simple actions were taken, so don’t let any of your team become injured and make sure everyone is playing their part in keeping each other safe. This month our Take Home Safety Moment is also linked to Slip, Trip and Fall safety, so taking the learnings from work and applying them to your home to protect all of your family and loved ones.

Please ensure this update is communicated to your front line teams and the Safety Conversation is delivered to all team members, displayed on your notice boards and they sign off a group training record for the safety conversation and display the awareness poster to remind the team.

Click here to download the February See Care Share Update

Click here to download the Safety Conversation on Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

Click here to download the Slip, Trip and Fall Awareness Poster