Tool Box Talks provide a convenient and effective method of communicating and reinforcing the safety message throughout the workforce, and, used properly, can significantly enhance the development of a safe working culture.

The development and maintenance of a safe working culture can only be effective if everyone is included and actively involved. The use of Tool Box Talks is an invaluable means of involving those most at risk, the employees, sub-contractors and self-employed, without incurring any significant time or financial penalty.

Therefore Compass have produced a series of Tool Box Talks to assist Managers and in particular Supervisors, Chargehands, etc. in implementing an efficient system of conducting regular Tool Box Talks with minimum effort, whilst hopefully achieving maximum gain.

The cost of implementing a regular Tool Box Talk system is minimal, 10-15 minutes a week! The benefits will include greater awareness, with the potential to reduce accident rates, and possibly even save a life.

A standard format has been adopted throughout the Tool Box Talks however there remains considerable flexibility for users to adapt the content to their specific requirements. Additional Tool Box Talks can also be added as and when required. To draft a new Tool Box Talk in the same format as existing ones, use a Blank Tool Box Talk Template.

Procedure and Guidance:

Tool Box Talk Procedure

PowerPoint Guidance on delivering a Tool Box Talk

TBT Attendance and Signing Sheet

Blank Tool Box Talk Template