Here you can find the information and guidance on an emergency evacuation of disabled or impaired people from buildings & is intended for persons with a responsibility for the management of evacuation of colleagues in an emergency.

What is Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)?

The purpose of a PEEP is firstly to ensure the safety of the named individual in a building evacuation situation.  It explains the method of evacuation to be used by a disabled or impaired person in each building and is a personal plan, so it must be drawn up with the active participation of the person concerned. The PEEP will also record the safety plan, e.g. routes (corridors, stairs or refuges etc.), identify those persons who will assist and any training or practice required.

The PEEP is appropriate for people with various disabilities or impairments, including those with temporary health problems such as a broken legs. People with non-visible impairments may also require assistance in an emergency situation, e.g. heart conditions/epilepsy.

All staff and persons who could be expected to aid the evacuation of a disabled or impaired person should receive a copy of the relevant PEEP and where appropriate be involved in practice drills.

Additional guidance documents, information and templates can be found below: