New and Expectant Mothers

To enable Compass Group UK & Ireland to identify and manage the risks associated with its operations in the workplace in relation to the new and expectant mothers.

To find out more, open or download the full Guidance here.

Additional Information

Go to Mandatory Risk Assessments page where you can download: New and Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment.

External Guidance 

Health & Safety Executive guidance documents: New and Expectant Mothers Who Work.


Control of Noise at Work

Health & safety regulations require employers to identify potentially harmful levels of noise in the workplace and to assess whether their employees are at a significant risk of suffering from noise induced hearing loss. If there is a significant risk, employers must take action to reduce levels of noise exposure, and if necessary, provide suitable hearing protection to employees.

Additional Information

HS 2.30 The Control of Noise at Work
Compass Group UK & Ireland Noise Risk Assessment
PPE Assessment and Record of Issue
The Health and Safety Executive Daily Personal Noise Exposure Calculator
The Health and Safety Executive Hearing Protection Performance Calculator
The Health and Safety Executive Weekly Personal Noise Exposure Calculator
FM 1.12 Area Noise Assessment Register