This Section Hosts the Ireland Additional Risk Assessments:
All other risk Assessments (found here) if applicable to your operation must also be completed. 
Please see below for the risk assessments.

Risk Assessment Definitions 

it is important to appreciate the difference in the terms "hazard" and "risk" and what is meant by "risk assessment".

Definition of Hazard 

A Hazard is anything with the potential to cause harm, injury or damage (this can include articles, substances, plant or machines, methods of work, the working environment and other aspects of work organisation. 

Definition of Risk 

Risk is the likelihood of the potential harm from that hazard being realised and the consequences.  The extent of the risk will depend on:

  • The likelihood of that harm occuring
  • The potential severity of that harm, i.e. the resultant injury or adverse health effect
  • The number of people who might be exposed to and affected by the hazard.

Definition of Risk Assessment 

A Risk Assessment is a careful examination of work activities to identify what could cause harm, injury or damage in order to decide if enough precautions have been taken or it more should be done to prevent harm, injury or damage. 

The Company Risk Assessment Process

The Company has approached the risk assessment process by identifying all of the significant hazards within our business operations and completing template risk assessment documents for sites to review and personalise to their own particular site circumstances.

The Compass risk assessments are split into 3 different groups of:

Mandatory - These risk assessments must be completed, where applicable, in EVERY Compass operating unit, be that a catering unit or a hard FM site.  These include risk assessments that are specifically required by legislation or are the cause of a significant number of accidents and injury within the company.

Communly Used - These risk assessments are for tasks commonly conducted throughout the business. 

Service Specific  - These are the risk assessments that are specific to and cover the equipment and tasks for a particular "soft" service offer e.g. Catering Services, Cleaning & Domestic Services, Business and Office Services, and Portering Services, Ireland Specific.  Further information about these categories of risk assessments can be found on the specific pages.