Business Continuity is the capability of Compass Group to continue delivery of its services at acceptable predefined levels following any type of disruptive incident. This could be anything from a fire or flood to staff shortages or supply chain failure.



The Business Continuity Plan can be implemented at a client site or a contract level.

The Client Site Business Continuity Plan template is available to download.

For help and advice in completing the template please contact your Sector Senior HSE Manager who will be happy to help you.


Key factors to be considered in the plan include:

  • Setting up an emergency call cascade with the client and your own teams
  • Contacting the Compass Crisis Line on 0800 011 4630 to report a crisis
  • Staff welfare
  • Staff shortages and resourcing issues
  • Temporary kitchens
  • Food supply chain back up
  • Equipment repair or replacement
  • Loss of utilities


Kitchen Continuity Plan

 Compass are working in conjunction with PKL the UK’s leading supplier of temporary kitchens and catering equipment for hire. The company owns and operates 900 portable kitchen units and over 10,000 items of catering equipment, available to hire throughout the UK and around the world.

The PKL Temporary Kitchen Plan is available to download.

The Kitchen Contingency Plan includes:

  • A bespoke temporary kitchen design including equipment layout and services based on the number of meals and food offer.
  • A contingency pack for each site that specifies the best location for a temporary kitchen facility.
  • Storage of the data held at PKL so that they can react quickly in case of an emergency
  • An emergency response that operates 24 hours 7 days a week 

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