December See Care Share Update

In this month’s edition, we have some feedback from the See Care Share week and ask if you haven’t given feedback yet, please use this link to do so. This month we have a particular Safety Focus on food safety as we enter the Christmas period, many of our units will be busier than usual, so we want to just remind you of the key controls you need to follow to keep the food you produce safe for your customers. This month our Take Home Safety Moment is all about being safe at home this Christmas and ensuring your Christmas tree lights as safe for use, we have tips on buying them, checking them and using them safely.

Please ensure this update is communicated to your front line teams and the Safety Conversation is delivered to all team members, displayed on your notice boards and they sign off a group training record for the safety conversation.

Click here to download the December See Care Share Update

Click here to download the Safety Conversation on Food Safety