Food safety saves lives. It is a crucial component of food security and plays a vital role in reducing foodborne diseases. Each year, approximately 600 million people fall ill due to around 200 different types of foodborne illnesses. The burden of these illnesses falls most heavily on the poor and the young. Furthermore, foodborne illnesses are responsible for 420,000 preventable deaths annually.

On World Food Safety Day, we remember that food safety is a collective responsibility, we all must play our part. This is the only way we can be sure the food on the plate will be safe. We must always prepare for the unexpected, food safety incidents can range from minor events to major international crises, wether it is a power outage at home, food poisoning in the restaurant, a food recall by a manufacturer, a wide spread outbreak or a natural disaster.

At every point in the chain of food production, there are hazards that, if not controlled can cause contamination and ultimately illness to people. Everyone involved at the various stages has a responsibility to keep food safe.

So, on this World Food Safety Day 2024, ensure you are continuing to follow our standards for food safety at all times by Being Mindful of the hazards and controls you need to implement and Speaking Out when you may see others not doing so, Get Involved and Play your Part to keep our food safe and our colleagues, clients and guests safe and healthy.

Inspired by World Food Safety Day, we want to take this month to really raise awareness on allergens and food safety, that
can help you in your job role but for those of you who perhaps food is not part of your daily job role, then this can also help
you at home too. We have also provided “Pledge” Cards so you can make your own pledge and share a selfie on
Workplace too with #WorldFoodSafetyDay2024

There are a number of Food Safety Conversations that can be utilised throughout this month and the Allergy Posters to promote accurate allergy information and controls in your units.