Where we are required to comply with 'Marks and Spencer Code of Practice and Guidance: Catering Facilities and Staff Amenities', food safety training must be carried out.

All new food handlers must receive induction training incorporating basic food hygiene rules and personal hygiene practices, on their first day of employment.

All food handlers must complete Compass Group Perfect Start training modules within one month of starting. New starters must be closely supervised until they have demonstrated competence. Perfect Start and Food Safety for Caterers courses include the training required to handle food safely.

The course content is summarised in Compass Essentials Plus Training Overview.

HACCP and HSE Log Book records must be completed correctly at all times. The training material Food Safety Compliance for Food Manufacturing Client Units explains how to complete a HACCP review and how to complete the records contained within the HSE Log Book for Food manufacturing units. This material must be used to train colleagues with responsibility for completing the documents. Training must be recorded on the employee’s Training Record.

Catering Managers and Supervisors must be trained to the Level 3 or Level 4 Award or equivalent according to the nature and size of the operation. Suitable courses can be found at Highfield Food Safety e-learning.