HACCP Systems and Procedures

This section contains documents specific to this sector - ensure you use them at all times.

Codes of Practice
Our clients or their customers may have detailed codes of practice that we are required to comply with. Local codes of practice may set out rules on use of nuts – most sites are designated ‘nut free’ and nuts or products containing nuts cannot be brought onto the premises.


Client Audit
Our client’s technical managers may carry out regular audits of the catering department.

2 Sisters Food Group compliance guide details how we comply with all requirements.

Marks and Spencer Code of Practice and Guidance: Catering Facilities and Staff Amenities detail the requirements for staff restaurants.

Systems and Procedures

Where we are required to comply with 'Marks and Spencer Code of Practice and Guidance: Catering Facilities and Staff Amenities' specific documentation for food manufacturing sites must be used.


The HACCP document must be completed during mobilisation and then reviewed every 12 months. A copy must be provided to our client’s Technical Manager.

Log Book

The Log Book contains enhanced monitoring requirements. It can be ordered from Linney My Store code CO18_LOG_MISC_014192.


The Cleaning Schedule must be reviewed and amended to include all equipment and cleaning tasks not listed.

Disinfectant/sanitisers must meet BS EN 1276 and/or BS EN 13697 and be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, especially in relation to contact time and dilutions.

Below are the Ecolab documents which confirm compliance with the above standards:

Aseptopol EL75

Oasis Pro 20 Premium

Raw Material Specifications

Client and M&S auditors will require to see written specifications for all key food raw materials including meat, fish, dairy and eggs.
Current specifications can be requested from Vendor Assurance by emailing rebecca.beasley@compass-group.co.uk

You should list the required products including:

Product description
Product VMC code
Supplier name
Pack size
Storage condition (ambient/ chilled/ frozen).
For example:
Compass Butchers Choice Pork 8’s / 56348 / Brakes / 40 / Chilled

Please allow 5 days for a response.


Supplier Audits

All Compass Group suppliers are required to complete a supplier evaluation questionnaire and submit documentation to demonstrate that they meet industry standards and Compass Technical requirements.

Food suppliers that pass the initial assessment are subject to a site audit against Compass Technical standards depending on risk category and possession of third party approval. All audits are carried out by Compass Group nominated auditing bodies. Low risk food suppliers possessing BRC accreditation and those located in Ireland certified by EIQA Hygiene Mark negate the need for a site audit.

All Compass Group approved suppliers are required to renew supplier evaluation questionnaires every 36 months. Suppliers that require site audits are re-audited at specified frequencies depending on risk categories. Suppliers manufacturing Compass bespoke products are audited every 12 months regardless of the risk category. All Compass Group approved suppliers are subject to unannounced spot checks.

Audit reports are confidential to Compass Group and cannot be distributed.

Specific enquiries from client auditors or M&S auditors should be directed to simon.chattock@compass-group.co.uk

See also Supplier Auditing - Business Rules and Risk Assessment (extract from Compass Group HSE Website)