Allergens remain one of the greatest risks in our business and we are continually looking at ways to improve our systems, documentation and training, which support you in ensuring that our customers have the information required to make informed decisions about our food and that they are served food that is safe for them.

We are starting the new year with a focus on allergens, which is an opportunity for you to refresh allergen training with your teams and to drive the message home how important allergen management, from menu planning, ordering, receipt, storage, preparation, packaging and display through to service. There are many opportunities for things to go wrong at each step, so having clear and comprehensive systems and good communication is fundamental. All team members must understand the controls they need to be putting in place to prevent the final consumer from being provided with food that could make them seriously ill.

Week 1

8th - 14th January 2024

In this week we have a Allergen Focus in our Monthly See Care Share Update as well as our Updated Allergen Safety Conversations and Awareness Poster to reinforce the Compass UK and Ireland processes on dealing with allergens. Please use these conversations to remind all of our teams of the correct processes and procedures for the tasks that they are carrying out. Remember to record these conversations with your teams on the group training record card.

Week 2

15th - 21st January 2024

This week we have a video from Liz Bailey from our Primary Authority Partner, Luton Borough Council, where you will hear from Liz about their outlook on Allergy Management and how you can support your customers and ensure we keep them safe. Our Primary Authority provide us with Assured Advice for our Food Safety Management Systems and you should always remember that if you receive an EHO visit, that you should advise the officer that we are part of a Primary Authority Partnership with Luton Borough Council.

If you need any further information on Allergen Management, you can visit the Allergen Page or contact your sector or Regional HSE Manager.

Week 3

22nd - 28th January 2024

This week we have a video outlining the impact one of our customers had following an allergen incident they were involved in just before Christmas. The customer, Aiden, had a number of allergies and the one that caused his reaction was coconut, which is not one of the EU 14 Allergens we must declare on our Allergen Information. However we are still required to ensure we treat those allergies as we would any other and provide the customer with food that is safe for them to eat. Please watch the video below and share with your teams to raise awareness.

If you need any further information on Allergen Management, you can contact your sector or regional HSE Manager.