Welcome to your new STF Campaign! The focus of this Campaign is on prevention of Slips, Trips and Falls and on being involved in making a difference in your workplace. Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls requires a combination of hazard identification and correction, as well as personal responsibility.

Most Slips, Trips and Falls can be prevented by everyone taking responsibility for the safety conditions of the areas in which they are working, and taking action if they spot a hazard - See it, Sort it, Report it.

The STF Campaign is divided into two themes, Get a grip and Cut it Out. Both campaign themes have been colour-coded - 'Get A Grip' theme in blue and 'Cut It Out' in orange. We have created a range of materials for both themes to aid Unit Managers and their teams in the Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls Campaign launch. Below you can find resources to implement the Slips, Trips and Falls campaign material, these are; Infographic Posters, Safety Conversations, Posters, A Managers Guide and Training Record Cards.



Infograhic Posters

Get A Grip

Cut It Out

Manager's Guide

Manager's Guide and Training Record

Manager's Guide Download

Training Record Cards